Maga Land





Maga Land

Video Game
May 2020 to Sep 2020
Maga Land is a Retro Bit Shift game created by Michael Kureth and Daniel Munoz

Heroes have emerged, we need you to join the battle against Maga Parasite and save the world!

The mind controlling Maga Parasite has swept across the land causing a worldwide pandemic.

Scientists have discovered that foxes infected with the Maga Parasite hypnotize their human victims before brainwashing them by attaching to their heads. The zombified victims then wear a red hat to signify to others their allegiance. Together they protect the fox den by building a wall to shield the Maga Parasite King in a land now known as Maga Land. Shielded behind their wall is an army of Maga Parasite infected birds who retweet misinformation transcribed in the Book of Faces aimed to infest the world of its disease.

A hero has emerged to take on the Maga Parasite and restore peace and order across Maga Land!


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