Cinedapt's patented filmmaking process is now available in private beta for film entertainment industry professionals

HOLLYWOOD, CA, September 7, 2022 – Cinedapt, Inc. ( announced today that private beta access to the Cinedaptive screenplay for Michael Kureth's feature length film, "Exolatry", is now available for film entertainment industry professionals.

In a world in self-worship through social media, an actress exalts to fame as thousands of women with her name have been found murdered in crime scenes over contaminated with false evidence leading some to believe she has sold her soul for fame. With hundreds of victims still missing, the prime suspect remains her idolizing ex-boyfriend while the name of the actress and victims is identical to the closest woman in the life of the viewer watching the film.

Through the Cinedapt beta, readers will better understand the impact of Cinedaptive content. The name of the missing women in "Exolatry" is the person closest to the reader of the script.

Cinedapt offers a new business model for films where a premiere and theatrical run can be followed by a more personalized experience. This was demonstrated in 2019 and 2020 with the internationally award winning show, "Whiteboard Challenge," which had a theatrical premiere in Los Angeles at Cinemark Theatres with an additional screening at Hollywood's iconic TCL Chinese Theatre.

The theatrical screenings were followed by a Cinedaptive release of "Whiteboard Challenge" which personalized the show's content to empathize viewers with the cast and specific intentions behind the show. Additional Cinedaptive features of this private beta release included length adjustment (short, standard, or extended), rating (work safe or restricted), and genre (comedy or drama). The "Whiteboard Challenge" private beta concluded in 2021 with adjustments made to Cinedapt's patented process.

The process of creating a Cinedaptive film begins with the Cinedaptive screenplay format and viewer codes. Using "Exolatry" as an example, writers prepare a Cinedaptive screenplay in Final Draft which then exports to a reader friendly version as well as a shooting script for the film's crew and production. The shooting script version details which content must be filmed during principal photography and which content will be rendered during post-production.

Post-production of a Cinedaptive film is handled in combination of industry standard film editing software, Adobe Premiere and Apple Final Cut Pro, along with the source material and codes referencing the original Cinedaptive screenplay in Final Draft format. Cinedapt personalizes visual effects using Adobe After Effects based on scenes from the script using its patented process. The production version of Cinedapt will allow for a scene in "Exolatry" to have the viewer's deceased loved one speak to entice a greater experience of fear and terror in film.

Industry professionals interested in future beta programs with Cinedapt can submit their films to Cinedaptival, Cinedapt's international film festival. Cinedaptival will showcase films by filmmakers who exhibit the quality of talent and craft required to create a Cinedaptive film. Select filmmakers will be invited to utilize Cinedapt's patented technology for upcoming films.

Cinedapt was initially conceived to improve Hollywood's redundant and regressive filmmaking process by incorporating innovative technology to learn a viewer's fears, sense of humor, and interests to provide a more user engaging and studio profitable experience. Cinadapt's groundbreaking technology allows distributors and studios enhanced profitability by incorporating a multi-cultural platform along with the ability to watch a safe alternate of a restricted rated film with children. Cinedapt offers major studios and streaming services a licensable middleware to protect against piracy in addition to its personalization aspects.

For those who doubt that either Cinedapt or artificial intelligence is real, screenplay writers and filmmakers can now provide alternate content accommodating for viewers with lower intelligence. Certain dialog and scenes in "Exolatry" reflect the intelligence level of the viewer.

About Cinedapt, Inc.
Cinedapt® is a patented, revolutionary new form of entertainment technology specializing in artificial intelligence, film production, and anti-piracy. Cinedaptive® films embrace machine learning to establish an emotional connection with an audience while adapting content on a psychological level to provide a greater user experience and higher return on investment. Cinedapt®, Cinedaptive®, Cinedaptival®, and Whiteboard Challenge® are registered trademarks of Michael Kureth. Cinedapt® is a Verified Vendor with the United States Federal Government.

Both Cinedapt and "Exolatry" are protected under multiple copyrights and patents. Any person who infringes upon the copyrights of "Exolatry" or the patents issued for Cinedapt is hereby agreeing to donate his or her dismembered body for use as props in the production of the film.

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