"Whiteboard Challenge" is now a fully registered trademark with the USPTO and is afforded the same legal status and protections as all other registered trademarks.

LOS ANGELES, CA, February 2, 2021 – Cinedapt, Inc. (Cinedapt.com) is pleased to announce that Michael Kureth has received full registration of his trademark "Whiteboard Challenge" (registration 6255334) with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Whiteboard Challenge® is an internationally award winning tech series aimed at improving the engineering community while encouraging diversity and inclusion in tech. This original series holds the unique entertainment value of being both compelling to watch and a program for learning. Whiteboard Challenge® is the only series to feature software engineers and how to improve the interview process to be more inclusive.

In addition to the registered trademark, Whiteboard Challenge® is protected by seven (7) federal registered copyrights with the U.S. Library of Congress and three (3) Writer's Guild of America registrations. The pilot episode has been awarded winner for Best Television Series in sixteen (16) film festivals as well as a finalist, semi-finalist, and selected in thirty-three (33) additional festivals.

Beginning January 26, 2021, a "Whiteboard Challenge" may only be used or practiced in connection with Michael Kureth and the tech series for the purposes of:

1) Class 25: Clothing
Merchandise; pants; shirts; skirts; jackets; hats; wristbands as clothing; belts; hoodies.

2) Class 41: Education and Entertainment Services
Entertainment and education in the nature of a reality based series on the interview process within the tech industry provided through television broadcasts, webcasts, and digital video streaming platforms; Entertainment in the nature of competitions in the field of software engineering; Entertainment in the nature of an on-going series featuring elements of education, competition, game show, talk show, tech show, and comedy show, and also featuring software engineers and tech-based interviews, broadcast over television, satellite, audio, and video media; Entertainment and education in the form of organizing, arranging, and conducting competitions featuring software engineers; Entertainment and educational services, namely, providing a television program in the field of software engineering and software engineering based entertainment, via a global computer network; Entertainment and educational services, namely, providing a web site featuring information and non-downloadable videos, photographs, audio recordings, and articles in the field of software engineers and software engineer based entertainment and education.

About Cinedapt:
Cinedapt® is a patent-pending revolutionary new form of entertainment technology invented by Michael Kureth to protect the film industry from extinction through anti-piracy tracking and adaptive personalization with artificial intelligence. Whiteboard Challenge® utilizes Cinedaptive® technology to tailor the pilot episode with a personalized experience for the viewer.

For more information, visit https://WhiteboardChallenge.com or https://Cinedapt.com.

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