Cinedapt Announces the Final Public Screening of “Whiteboard Challenge” – a Tech Satire with Software Engineers

An Award Winning Game Talk Show to Screen at the TCL Chinese Theatre in the Golden State Film Festival

HOLLYWOOD, CA, February 12, 2020 – Cinedapt, Inc. announced today that “Whiteboard Challenge” will have its final public screening at the world-renowned TCL Chinese Theatre on Saturday February 29 hosted by the Golden State Film Festival.

“Whiteboard Challenge” is an internationally award winning tech satire featuring the software engineering interview process in the form of a competitive game talk show. The pilot episode delves into discrimination based on age, social introversion, and other factors along with educating non-technical viewers on how useful applications and games are built. The goal of the show is to enlighten and encourage change in society by humanizing the people behind today’s modern technical wonders while giving a voice to those who have been silenced.

In contrast to all other tech related films and shows, the entire cast of “Whiteboard Challenge” consists of only software engineers, not actors. The show itself was edited, produced, written, and directed by a software engineer, Michael Kureth.

The pilot episode of “Whiteboard Challenge” supports the local Los Angeles tech startup community. Entertaining commercial breaks are provided by the engineers on the show which includes Cinedapt®, Nawdawg, EndoEarth, Goodymash, and Zennect® with a special animated intermission by Startup-Man: The Disruptors.

This will not just be the final screening of the show. “Whiteboard Challenge” will be the only competitive game talk show with software engineers that can be legally made until the twenty-third century.


Zennect® – a patent pending social network allowing users to showcase their many talents in one place while leveling up their skills and credits with validated experience points similar to a role playing game.

Cinedapt® – a patent pending revolutionary new form of entertainment technology which establishes an emotional connection to viewers by providing a customized version of a movie tailored specifically for each person or group of people watching with indestructible anti-piracy tracking.