LOS ANGELES, CA, September 9, 2019 – Cinedapt, Inc. announced today that its “Whiteboard Challenge” pilot episode will exemplify Cinedapt’s new film distribution business model set to end film piracy and expand originality in film-making.

The “Whiteboard Challenge” pilot episode is scheduled for a theatrical premiere on September 21 in Los Angeles followed by potential distribution as both a physical and digital release.


In 2020, the film will also be available on Cinedapt’s new platform to showcase the core features of the service for investors and industry professionals to expand upon its abilities in preventing film piracy and providing customized content.

Cinedapt is an adaptive film streaming service which provides a customized version of a movie tailored specifically for each person or group of people watching.

Dynamic content and effective scene variants are brought together through machine learning to present viewers with their most impactful and unforgettable experience in cinematic history.

The “Whiteboard Challenge” pilot episode was filmed to provide 36 major versions each with trillions of variants. The version seen in theatre on September 21 is a standard piratable version; whereas, the Cinedaptive™ ones seen in 2020 will be tailored specifically for the viewer.

With new digital streaming services being announced regularly each offering nothing innovative or original, consumers will soon give birth to a new golden age of film piracy. Having more than twenty options for digital streaming and not being able to afford ten or more monthly subscriptions, viewers will be encouraged to pirate content thus increasing film piracy beyond its current loses of $50B per year.

Cinedapt™ evolves the entertainment industry’s current business model by providing a non-piratable and Cinedaptive™ version of films. Instead of following the major studios’ focus in pruning torrents and streaming services, Cinedapt eradicates piracy at the source with its patent-pending anti-piracy technology.

To emphasize the company’s initiative, a teaser trailer for Cinedapt’s upcoming feature length film “Exolatry” will be shown at the premiere of “Whiteboard Challenge”. “Exolatry” tells the story of an actress who exalts to fame as thousands of women with her name have been found murdered. The prime suspect is her idolizing ex while the name of the actress is someone very close to viewer of the film.

Each time a viewer watches a Cinedaptive™ movie, a new experience will be delivered through machine learning and customized rendering of scene variants specific to the person or people watching.

In contrast to interactive movies and chose your own adventure style stories, Cinedapt mutates the film seen by learning and adapting to the viewer with an intent on invoking an emotional response and delivering originality.

“Whiteboard Challenge,” a tech talk show featuring software engineers, will showcase Cinedapt’s core abilities in 2020 with the goal of acquiring funding to provide a more robust feature set for the production and release of “Exolatry”.

Similar to “Whiteboard Challenge”, “Exolatry” is intended for theatrical distribution with a piratable physical and digital release followed by a non-piratable and Cinedaptive™ version exclusive on Cinedapt™.