Whiteboard Challenge - Diversity and Inclusion

Whiteboard Challenge - Diversity and Inclusion




Jul 2017 to Feb 2021




Multi-award winning tech show aimed at improving the engineering community and giving a voice to those who have been silenced


“Whiteboard Challenge” is an internationally award winning tech show featuring the software engineering interview process in the form of a game talk show. The pilot episode delves into discrimination based on age, social introversion, and other factors along with educating non-technical viewers on how useful applications and games are built. The goal of the show is to enlighten and encourage change in society by humanizing the people behind today's modern technical wonders and giving a voice to those who have been silenced.

In contrast to all other tech related films and shows, the entire cast of “Whiteboard Challenge” consists of only software engineers, not actors.

Empathetic to the Los Angeles homelessness crisis and a theme of the pilot, the world premiere on September 21, 2019 benefited the homeless with a free event, food, and drinks along with People Assisting The Homeless accepting volunteers and donations.

With 9 alternate endings and trillions of permutations, this project is not just a pilot episode for a new series. In late 2020, the “Whiteboard Challenge” will also exemplify Cinedapt's new film distribution business model showcasing the core features of the service for investors and industry professionals to expand upon its abilities in preventing film piracy and providing personalized films.

Cinedaptive® films use Cinedapt’s patent pending technology to adapt content for an emotional connection and response by learning a viewer's fears and sense of humor while incorporating Cinedapt’s patent pending technology to track and prevent film piracy.